Advice regarding implementation of MIM devices

The following notes apply to all fence types (Art 547.2.4) which have to be fitted with frangible devices as from January 1st 2021:


Do all MIM devices fitted prior to 2021 need to be changed?

• Fences jumped straight on:
MIM devices with the RED CLIP produced prior to 2021 are good to use.
• Fences intended to be jumped at an angle (including corners):
For 4* and 5* level, there is a completely new hinge/bracket that works with the YELLOW CLIP, therefore, these must be changed for use in 2021.
For 1*, 2*, 3* level using the new YELLOW CLIP from 2021 is satisfactory. All new fences intended to be jumped at an angle must use the 2021 hinges/brackets/clips.
• Tables:
The new 2021 MIM Table Kit for use with the YELLOW CLIP is more effective than those produced previously. The FEI does not currently mandate tables to have frangible devices. MIM recommends that tables built prior to 2021 use the YELLOW CLIP instead of the old red clip. All new Tables built should use the 2021 Table kit (80320).

Ensuring YELLOW CLIP fences are safe for course walking and the public:

• The YELLOW CLIP breaks more easily than the RED CLIP. Therefore, people sitting/standing/leaning on YELLOW CLIPPED angle fences or tables could cause them to break.
• For safety reasons MIM has produced a solid SILVER CLIP that can be left on these fences while they are not being jumped and changed out to the YELLOW CLIP when competition begins. It is obviously important not to jump fences with the solid SILVER CLIP as it is not intended to break.

You have experienced brackets/arms bending?

• There have been a few cases of this happening globally. It seems to be on fences jumped at an angle or when a horse damages a fence including the bracket.
• Brackets/hinges from 2021 have been produced with thicker steel to help avoid this problem.
• Brackets/hinges prior to 2021 are fine to use on fences jumped straight on.
• We recommend fences intended to be jumped at an angle are replaced with 2021 thicker brackets/hinges.
• If a bracket/hinge does bend during competition it needs to be replaced, therefore, a spare set should be kept available.

What if a competitor jumps a fence the Course Designer (CD) intended to be jumped at angle straight on?

• The intended line the CD wants competitors to jump is the determining factor when deciding which colour clip should be fitted. If a fence is intended to be jumped at an angle, it must be fitted with a yellow clip.
• The yellow clip will break at 70% of the energy of the red clip. If a competitor chooses to take the risk and jump a yellow clipped fence straight on, then even though it releases more easily, the FEI has determined normal penalties apply if activated.