1. How can I find out more about the MIM system or seek clarification on anything I don’t understand?

Answer: Contact your NF NSO or MIMsafe MIMclip which is based in Sweden. Tel: +46 (0)10 5500 450
E-mail: [email protected]

4. Do the clips need to be fitted tightly?

Answer: They must not be loose once fitted, they need to be ‘hand tight’ ie easily put in position and replaced as/when necessary.

5. Is it possible to use the system in other types of fence?

Answer: Yes. For example, elephant traps/sloping rails can use the Post & Rail system.

8. Weight of the rails

Answer: Please take note of the details in the instructions, this is very important.

9. Is there a left or right clip?

Answer: No, they can be used on each end of rails.

10. Can I use a single clip on a rail?

Answer: No, all rails must have 2 clips on.

11. Are there any handy tips for me as a course builder?


  1. It is recommended to place a catcher block behind the upright which will ‘catch’ the rail if the clips are activated to prevent the rail hitting the upright and thereby possibly loosening the upright. The ‘catcher’ needs to allow the rail to drop below horizontal. The catcher must catch the rail not the bracket and the rail must hit the catchers squarely.
  2. The minimum drop of the rail is 25cms.
  3. Care must be taken to build fences in such a way that when the system is activated there are no dangerous gaps or traps.
  4. Ageing of fences: please appreciate that as fences get older the wood dries out or rots and screws become loose. They must be checked thoroughly before every event. Thorough maintenance is very important.

13. When the fences are not being used

Answer: Please remove the clips and secure or drop the rails so that there is no chance of inadvertent activation for example if people stand on the fence.

14. Flagging

Answer: Do not secure the flag to any frangible part of a fence.